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Omegon Amici prism 45° 1.25"

Omegon Amici prism 45° 1.25"
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Product description:

This 1.25" Amici prism, angled at 45°, provides an upright, non-reversed image. It is therefore ideally suitable for terrestrial observing, as it is very comfortable to use when observing near the horizon. The prism is suitable for refractors, Schmidt-Cassegrains, Maksutov-Cassegrains and similar telescopes. Its length makes it unsuitable for use with Newtonian telescopes.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • telescope-side connection - 1.25" outer
  • eyepiece-side connection - 1.25" inner
  • metal connectors
  • good prism, coated for high contrast



Viewing posture 45°
Connection (to the telescope)1,25" 
Coating of optical system fully

Special features

Correction of vertically reversed image yes
Correction of horizontally reversed image yes


TypeDeviating optics 
Type of buildAmici prism 

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