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Saules filtra folija AstroSolar® ECO-size OD 5.0 140x155mm, Baader

  • Zīmols: Baader
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  • 12.95€
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Solar filter film for sun observation and solar photography

  • Includes instruction manual and cutting template
  • Optical density (OD, also known as neutral density) = 5.0 This is due to the fact that only 1 / 100,000 of the sunlight passes through the filter.
  • This filter is interferometrically tested!

For over 25 years on the market, this is the only sun protection filter foil which does not impair the optical wavefront and allows the application at high magnification without sharpness or contrast loss!

ECO-size: The smaller format makes it suitable for small telescopes, finders, binoculars, spectroscopes and camera lenses - and, of course, is much more cost-effectivey



Width (cm)14
Length (cm)15,5
TypeSolar Filters 
Type of buildwhite light

Area of application

Visually usefulyes
Useful for photographsyes

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