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Mikroskopa un teleskopa komplekts, BRESSER Junior

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This entry-level set for children from 8 years of age includes a BRESSER Junior telescope and a BRESSER Junior microscope. Together with the extensive accessory set supplied, you can explore the world of the microcosm and the world of astronomy in more detail.

The BRESSER Junior microscope has an LED transmitted light and a 40x to 640x magnification. With these magnifications you can observe, for example, paramecia or microorganisms in the pond.

But what does transmitted light actually mean?

Transmitted light means that with this type of microscope the sample to be observed is not illuminated from above, but the light source lies behind the sample and shines through it. Therefore, particularly thinly cut specimens are required.

But don't worry about long preparations, because an extensive accessory package is supplied with which you can get started right away. You can immediately place the finished preparations under the microscope and observe them. If you want to examine something else exciting, you can easily make your own specimens with the microscope tools.

For those who wear glasses there are rubber eyecups that can be turned over on the eyepiece. A big advantage is the battery operation and the low weight, so you can take it with you everywhere.

The BRESSER Junior Telescope is ideal for your first astronomical discoveries and is easy to transport thanks to its light weight and compact size. You can conveniently stow the telescope in a small carrying bag or backpack. A table tripod is included so that you can set up the telescope safely anywhere. So that you can use the telescope during the day, it can be converted into a telescope. To do this, simply leave out the star diagonal and the eyepiece. The lens telescope is supplied with two eyepieces and thus enables an optional 20x and 32x magnification through the 12.5 mm and 20 mm eyepiece. With this magnification you can already see impressive moon craters, constellations and rings of Saturn. The telescope also has an integrated compass. With the also supplied star diagonal, you have a comfortable view through the telescope.


  • LED transmitted light
  • height-adjustable stage
  • Revolver head with three objectives: 40x / 10x / 40x
  • Aperture wheel for adjusting the light beam
  • Focus wheel
  • Specimen clamps for securing the specimens
  • Can be used anywhere thanks to battery operation (3x AA batteries, incl.)
  • low weight, therefore ideally suited for mobile use
  • Zoom eyepiece
  • extensive accessories for a quick introduction to microscopy


  • Refractor telescope
  • can also be used as a telescope
  • Observation of the moon and constellations, even rings of Saturn are already recognizable
  • Star diagonal allows a comfortable view
  • compact and easy to transport
  • with table stand with a maximum height of 35 cm
  • Eyepieces with 12.5 mm and 20 mm
  • The supplied eyepieces allow 20x and 32x magnification
  • Objective diameter: 40 mm; Focal length: 400 mm
  • Focus wheel
  • integrated compass


  • microscope
  • Smartphone holder
  • Cover slip box with 3 permanent slides, 8 empty cover slips and space for 3 additional cover slips
  • Prepared preparations: onion skin, ground nettle, stoma (pore in the epidermis of plants)
  • 5 collection containers, including 3 empty containers, 1x container with yeast and 1x container with saltwater shrimp eggs
  • Hatchery
  • tweezers
  • Magnifying glass
  • pipette
  • MicroCut
  • Zoom eyepiece
  • measuring cup
  • Box with microscope slides
  • Replacement lamp
  • 3x AA batteries


  • telescope
  • operation manual
  • Star diagonal
  • Table tripod
  • Eyepieces: 12.5 mm, 20 mm
  • smartphone holder

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