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Tīrīšanas komplekts Baader optikai , 100 ml

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  • Zīmols: Baader
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  • 21.95€
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Product description:

Optical Wonder TM cleaning fluid,

- penetrates dirt, aggressive oils, pollen and grease

- dries with no residue and without forming streaks

- much less aggressive than similarly effective cleaners

- suitable for all delicate optical surfaces

- cleans without scratching: eyepieces, lens surfaces and even mirrors (please follow the instructions)

- forms an invisible protective layer against bacteria and fungi that can damage glass

- protects delicate coatings

- eliminates finger marks and their acid residues

A cleaning cloth made from super microfibre which cleans, e.g. dirty eyepieces, without scratching!

25x25 cm, neatly edged and machine-washable.

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