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Apakšstikliņi, 100 pcs. 24x50mm Boro 3.3

Apakšstikliņi, 100 pcs. 24x50mm Boro 3.3
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Extra big cover glasses made from pure white, smooth Borosilicate glass (Boro 3.3). These cover glasses are especially suitable for liquid samples, like plankton or cell culture media. Also useful for skin scrapes from Koi or ornamental fish. You can diagnose a bigger sample volume in one go, making the diagnosis faster and more reliable. The sample will not dry out as fast as usual.

Boro 3.3 is a high tech glass material with excellent surface and optical quality. Keep in mind, that the cover glass is not only a cover, but works as an optical element and will influence the resulting image quality. Most microscope objectives are designed for cover glasses of a certain thickness (Usually 0,17mm; marked on the objective).

The cover glasses are precleaned and ready to use.

Boro 3.3 glass is highly transparent and has excellent surface quality. For UV it is significantly more transparent than soda-lime glass and therefore especially suitable for fluorescence microscopy.


  •  100 cover glasses 24x50 in plastic box.  Incl. drying agent, vacuum sealed.

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