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Viedtālruņa turētājs f. binoklis / teleskops BRESSER

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Finding objects with ease!

Did you ever have the problem to locate an object in the night sky with your telescope or binoculars? In the past you had to bring star maps to find your way among the stars - today most smartphones that are equipped with an appropriate astronomical software do the job much more comfortably.
If you try to use a telescope or a binoculars with a smartphone things are getting a lot more tricky. The smartphone will not show you where the optics is pointing at, so the use of the smartphone is very limited. What used to be a easy task with the naked eye is becoming a tiresome effort in combination with magnifying equipment.
This is the problem that our smartphone holder is taking care of. Simply mount your smartphone directly onto the main optics that you are using - no matter if it is a telescope or binoculars. Align the smartphone to the main optics just like a nomal finderscope. Now you see in the smartphone display, where your telescope is pointing at - without any modifications or special alignment routines!

Please note that this smartphone holder bracket does not include the required astronomical smartphone app.


  • allows the attachment of most smartphones to a telescope or a binocular
  • Binoculars can be attached to a photo tripod and the smartphone at the same time


  • Smartphone holder bracket
  • adjustable goose neck for easy positioning and alinging the smartphone
  • tripod adaptor with special screw for binoculars
  • mounting bracket to adapt the holder to most telescope

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