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Mikroskopa kamera Bresser MikroCam PRO HDMI Autofokuss

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  • Zīmols: Bresser
  • Preces kods: 5914190
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  • 958.95€
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BRESSER MikroCam PRO HDMI Autofocus

The BRESSER MikroCam Pro HDMI Autofocus delivers excellent image quality with ease of use. The microscopic image is transferred in Full HD resolution and without delay to a HDMI monitor or TV screen. An optional 11" HDMI screen is available under item code 5914110 and can be mounted on the camera directly. It gives brilliant images with high contrast.

Microscope images and video can now be stored on a SD card. The Sony Sensor gives excellent image quality and is very light sensitive. So this camera is recommended for low light contrast methods like darkfield or phase contrast.

The autofocus enables the user to focus without using the mechanical focus wheel. When changing the objective, the focus will automatically be adjusted from the camera. The focus range from the "zero" position (which is the standard backfocus for C-Mount) up to 5,4 mm intrafocal to reach CS-Mount distance, and 10,6 mm extrafocal, to cover a wide range.
In addition to the autofocus functionality, you can set the focus with the mouse or set a user defined focus range.

The camera can be controlled with the included USB mouse directly through the on screen display. The on screen functionality now includes a measuring function as well, so the MikroCam Pro HDMI Autofocus upgrades your existing trinokular microscope to a fully equipped digital autofocus microscope.

With the WiFi module, the camera can also supply the images in a wireless network. Due to this, a permanent connection to a PC via USB is not provided. But the professional software MikroCamLabII is still included with the camera for further image analysis after transferring the data stored on the SD card.

The MikroCam Pro HDMI Autofocus has a wide range of applications:

  • Documentation
  • Analysis
  • Presentation
  • Quality Control
  • Automation
  • Machine Vision


  • HDMI-connection for a monitor or compatible TV
  • Brilliant images in Full HD using HDMI (60 images / sec) or WiFi (up to 25 images / sec)
  • Direct measuring function using the on screen display (*item no. 5916720 necessary for calibration)
  • Wide dynamic range (WDR)
  • Save images and video on SD card (max. 32 GB, not included)
  • focus range: -5,4 mm bis 0 (C-Mount Abstand) bis 10,6 mm
  • 1/4" tripod connection
  • C-Mount for excellent adaptability, also suitable for C-Mount lenses

Software included in the following languages (for further image analysis - no direct PC connection via USB provided)

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Chinesisch (traditional) 

The software includes numerous functions for image processing

  • measurement function* (with live image): distance, angle, surface area (polygon, circle, ellipsoid)
  • Image Stacking from video files
  • WDR (high dynamic range)
  • fluorescence microscopy: fluorophore data for common dyes can be found in the software
  • Batch save

*for the use of the included measurement functionality a object micrometer slide is necessary, e.g. BRESSER item no. 5916720 (1/10mm and 1/100mm) or 5916710 (1/100mm).


  • MikroCam Pro HDMI Autofocus with C-Mount
  • AC adapter
  • Mouse
  • HDMI cable
  • WiFi dongle
  • Software (CD-ROM)

Technical Data

Focus Group
  • Professional users
  • Science and Research
Power supply12V Mains adapter
Data transmissionWireless via WiFi
Resolution1920 x 1080
Sensor typeCMOS Color
Body materialAluminium
Total length78 mm
Total width70 mm
Total height92 mm
Net weight (without access.)470 g

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