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Interaktīvais globuss The SmartGlobe Oregon Scientific

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With this interactive globe, children from the age of 5 can easily discover the world and get to know countries and continents better.

Discover the world with ease and learn more about 190 countries in various categories.

In addition to the name of the respective country and its capital, there are also the topics of the national language, national anthem, history, geography, currency, area, population and other interesting and startling facts. A total of up to 4000 information about learning is included.

The SmartGlobe ™ has an electronic pen, an integrated loudspeaker and a robust control panel that withstands every child's hand.

With the help of a smartphone or tablet and the free app for IOS and ANDROID, you can explore the globe and take photos and get more information with exciting 3D animations.


  • interactive globe with electronic pen
  • to discover many different categories
  • approx. 4000 information on more than 190 countries
  • Detailed map of Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Audio content available in two languages: German, English
  • suitable from 5 years
  • Over 500 interactive augmented reality content with free app for IOS and Android
  • interactive globe with electronic pen
  • 3x AA batteries
  • operation manual

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